Cuts To The Renewable Fuel Standard Would Hurt San Diego’s Biofuel Industry

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposes to reduce renewable fuel standard (RFS) by almost 3 billion gallons in 2014. In their press release, the EPA explained that this was a response to a drop in gasoline consumption which meant that there was also a glut of ethanol (the “E10 blend wall”), but less than half [...]


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Prospects for economic and sustainable fuel alternative enhanced with discovery Researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego have developed a method for greatly enhancing biofuel production in tiny marine algae. As reported in this week’s online edition of theProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Scripps graduate student Emily Trentacoste led the development [...]


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It has been months since SG Biofuels sent shockwaves through the industry by revealing it could manufacture Jatropha biofuel at a lower cost than conventional fuels. Meanwhile the price of gasoline keeps increasing. The average U.S. household spent $257 more to fuel the family car in 2012 than the previous year.  Yet it will probably [...]

ExxonMobil’s Excellent Algae Biofuel Adventure…Or Not

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(The following article was written by Tina Casey and originally published in Clean Technica; image above: Algae biofuel (cropped) by Jurvetson.) Not that ExxonMobil is going all soft on us, but the company once notorious for promoting bad information about the state of climate science has been quietly researching algae biofuel in partnership with California-based Synthetic [...]

Solazyme achieves microalgae oil production breakthrough

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(Nathan posted the following article in the April 10, 2013 edition of Clean Technica; image credit: “New technology enables microalgae to produce oil, like these droplets, faster and in greater quantity.” - Los Alamos National Laboratory) A breakthrough in microalgae oil production has been made by researchers at Solazyme. The new technology accelerates the ability of microalgae [...]

Investigating the impact of Algae parasites on scalable Algae Biofuel

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The prospects for an Algal biofuel were beginning to seem unlikely. The tests - in jets, cars and motorcycles - had all been successful. Algal biofuels have 50% less greenhouse gases than conventional fuels - but their production costs are currently still three or four times higher. They are also only capable of supplying 5% of  the fuel [...]

Surprises in the Race to Develop a Viable Green Crude

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As the impetus of extreme weather events and scientific warnings gain momentum, it is becoming increasingly clearer that much that we once thought to be normal cannot last. We can ignore the challenges confronting us – and risk having to pay a much steeper fine in the not too distant future  – or look for the opportunities.  The quest for a viable [...]