Desert Protective Council: End of Year Update

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MONDAY 12/9/2013

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DPC End of Year Update

Dear Desert Protective Council Members and AllDesert Lovers,

Everyone at Desert Protective Council wishes to express a heartfelt thanks to our wonderful patrons, members and friends, for your support this past year. Your ongoing contributions are critical to our continued work in protecting our southwest deserts.

We have an ambitious agenda for 2014, as we continue to educate the public and our local state and congressional decision-makers about the importance of promoting rooftop solar and local distributed generation.

It is vital that we use the built environment as the alternative to scraping hundreds of thousands of acres of remote wild desert habitats for industrial scale energy development.

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Desert Documentary

Main Content Inline SmallWe will also continue our collaboration with filmmakers Backcountry Pictures, in the development of an educational documentary for national television about the wonder, the beauty and importance of the Mojave, Sonoran and Colorado deserts.

DPC will assist in the recruitment of desertecologists, knowledgeable desert explorers and residents, willing to be interviewed and conduct tours of the desert in order to obtain footage of beautiful, threatened desert areas.

We will also collaborate with our colleagues to help locate funding for the research and development phase, as well as the production of the desertdocumentary.

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Main Content Inline Small2014 will be our 10th year of funding the Anza-Borrego Foundation’s fifth grade educational tent camp, (Camp Borrego), and the Parks Online for Teachers and Students (PORTs) program.

This year we hope to work with the camp staff to integrate relevant portions of the DPC’s Salton Basin Living Laboratory Field Trip Program into the Camp Borrego curriculum.

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We Need Your Help in 2014

Whether you are a long time member or considering joining DPC for the first time, we ask that during this holiday season you consider donating to our work.

Every membership and every dollar donated counts in augmenting our resources toward advocating on behalf of our deserts.

With your ongoing support, we can achieve our mission to educate children and adults to a better appreciation of our desert heritage, thereby cultivating a larger nationwide coalition of citizen advocates for desert protection.

You can download a link to a printable pdf of our membership form, or donate online through Network for Good.

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