Home Town Farming comes to Vista (video)

A groundbreaking establishment will soon be moving into Vista. As the video below explains, “Home Town Farms combines proven growing technologies in such a way that commercial vertical organic urban farming drastically reduces the amount of water, fuel, fertilizer, packaging and land that traditional farms use to grow the same amount of food.” They require 70% less land, 85% less water and 80% less fertilizer.

Home Town Farms“Home Town Farms will virtually eliminate the cost of transporting produce  hundreds, if not thousands, of miles by setting up vertical farms in densely populated areas with sales directed to the consumer on location, where the food is grown, and in addition wholesale to local farmer’s markets, restaurant & grocery stores.”

By eliminating the need for a produce central wash area, as well as most of the transportation and handling expense, Home Town Foods expects to produce vegetables for less than half the current cost. In an era when most produce is shipped 1,500 miles to market, retail customers will be able to see the produce before and enjoy the freshest, most favorable produce at affordable prices.

They will also be providing local jobs that can never be outsourced and, should the transportation system ever be disrupted by some  emergency, provide a large source of food within the community itself.

CEO Dan Gibbs hopes construction will start in a matter of months. They have already leased a couple acres of land and are in the midst of obtaining the necessary permits. It has been a long haul.

Gibbs has been an Entrepreneur for thirty years. He was a Co-Inventor of the Self Heating Container technology and served as Vice President of Business Development for OnTech Inc. While Dan Gibbs was Vice President of OnTech Inc., Fortune magazine picked OnTech as one of the top 25 breakout companies of the year.

His partner Michael Castro, the COO of Home Town Farms, spent over 30 years as an owner and manager of various private, public and multinational produce and growing operations, some as large as 20,000 acres.

Their first official investor was KPBS Director of Operation Bruce Rogow. “I see a lot of positive projects working for KPBS but I remember when Dan told me about the concept and how it could provide healthy food to those who need it the most but cannot afford it, saves the environment and the model showed a good return, I knew it was a winner and I needed to be a part of it”.

You can see why he says that, in the video below:

“Some people think we will hurt the organic market, by selling organic produce at lower costs, but I believe we are creating the opportunity for people who cannot normally afford locally grown, vine ripened, organic produce can now buy the same high quality produce that currently only the more affluent can afford,” Gibbs said.

The World’s population is expected to grow to 9.6 billion by 2050. This will put an enormous pressure upon the agricultural system. Vertical organic farms like Home Town Foods may be the answer.

Image credits: Home Town Farms. (The uppermost image is Dan Gibbs.)

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