Juergen Zierler, Architect

Juergen Zierler, Architect

Most of us are able to reference various places and spaces that lift our spirits or that conversely make one feel unsatisfied. In either scenario, any one of our various senses can dictate what our reaction to a given space may be. As creators of man-made forms, we have the challenge of forming spaces, whether interior or exterior, that have the potential to stimulate or calm, inspire or draw in, but that ultimately must respond to the sense of place that makes a particular site special and unique from all others. In addition to a place’s given characteristics or “global fingerprint,” the user’s own aspirations, preferences and culture must then be taken into consideration and overlaid over those site-specific intrinsic qualities. This should lead to a place or shelter that is an extension of the site and not irreverent. The result should provide one with an envelopment of sensory input that achieves a level of appropriateness and harmony.

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    Tad Simmons

    (March 7, 2020 - 8:00 pm)

    Juergen is the most amazing architect and designer I have ever met. He is a dedicated sustainability advocate and works with clients to incorporate this in so many healthy and pleasing ways. Use Juergen for any innovative residential or commercial and you will be very pleased with what you have accomplished and what you have contributed to society for generations to come.

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