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Dear San,
Thank you for participating in the 20-Gallon Challenge, our region’s campaign to reduce water use on average by 20 gallons per person, per day. The challenge began in 2007 as a voluntary campaign to increase conservation and was a response to reduced water supplies caused by regulatory restrictions and lingering drought.
Since then, the 20-Gallon Challenge has provided conservation information, water saving tips, links to rebates, and recognition of water savers throughout the region.
The 20-Gallon Challenge website is no longer live. This summer we launched our new website to inspire water-efficient lifestyles and empower the region’s residents to make WaterSmart choices wherever they live, work, or go to school.

Please share the conservation message with your family, friends, and co-workers. It’s as easy as forwarding this email to a friend


Here is the latest water conservation news and information from our region’s water agencies.

In This Issue
New eGuide Offers Tips, Tools, and Inspiration
Free California-Friendly Landscape Training Classes
Cool Prizes Offered for “Liking” the Water Authority on Facebook
Rain Barrel Rebates Available
Water: That’s Real Value
A Decade of Dependability: Colorado River Transfers

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New Residential eGuide Offers Tips, Tools, and Inspiration
Residential EguideSan Diego County residents now have a versatile and comprehensive resource for indoor and outdoor water conservation available at their fingertips wherever they go.

The Water Authority developed the “eGuide to a WaterSmart Lifestyle” to inspire, educate, and empower homeowners to make water-efficient choices in their homes and gardens. The mobile, interactive guide is designed to reduce the obstacles between discovering interesting ideas – online, at a friend’s house or in a store – and turning them into reality.


The free, 140-page digital flipbook reflects San Diego County’s Mediterranean climate, along with its active, high-tech lifestyle. It is loaded with interactive features that allow users to share ideas onFacebookelectronically “pin” plant and garden photos for their followers, watch videos, and scroll through a library of eye-popping images. The online magazine includes plant finders, interactive maps, animated graphics, home and garden calculators, landscape design tools, and details about rebates and incentives. Each subject is fully linked to online resources, allowing users to quickly access additional information.

The “eGuide to a WaterSmart Lifestyle” covers a wide array of topics, including landscape design, water-efficient plants, outdoor rooms, finding and fixing leaks, healthy soil, smart buys on plumbing features, landscape maintenance and drought survival for gardens. It offers everything from design ideas for creating themed planting zones to strategies for using “graywater” at homes and irrigating efficiently. Features will be added regularly to reflect innovations and other developments.

Partial funding for the flipbook was provided by the Hans and Margaret Doe Charitable Trust. Nearly 50 specialists in plumbing, irrigation, gardening, and other topics contributed their expertise to the project.

View the “eGuide to a WaterSmart Lifestyle” here or at


For more water conservation tips, tools, and resources visit, the Water Authority’s conservation-themed website.

Enter to Win a Rain Barrel by Subscribing to ‘eGuide’ Email Updates
Enter to win a rain barrel.
Subscribe to ‘eGuide’ email updates and Enter to win a rain barrel.
Everyone who subscribes to receive updates about new ‘eGuide’ features and related events by November 30 will be entered into a drawing for a rain barrel valued at more than $150. Flipbook readers can register using the pop-up box when they open the eGuide, or they can sign up anytime by clicking the blue “subscribe” tab on the right side of each page or by signing up here.
Please note: Once you enter your email you may subscribe to other areas of interest, but to be entered in the rain barrel contest you must select the check box for the “.”

Free California-Friendly Landscape Training Classes
California Friendly Landscape ClassesThe San Diego County Water Authority and its member agencies are partnering with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to offerfree training classes on WaterSmart landscaping over the next several months. The classes introduce a holistic approach to landscape design and maintenance that emphasizes water-use efficiency. They are held on Saturday mornings across the San Diego region.

The three-hour seminars are fast-paced and informative. They offer solutions to common landscape problems. Participants will learn to think about landscapes from the soil up. In addition, they will learn how to design landscapes that are sustainable in the San Diego climate. Class topics will include how to make the best use of the region’s limited rainfall, irrigate efficiently and choose the best plants for each yard


Space is limited and pre-registration is required. For details and upcoming class dates, click here.

Cool prizes offered for new Water Authority “likes” on Facebook
Like us on Facebook!

Liking the San Diego County Water Authority on Facebook could payoff with tickets to the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas.

Be one of the first five people who “like” the Water Authority’s Facebook page AND post a comment or water-related photo with a caption stating what water means to you, and you could be a winner! Examples of photos include, but are not limited, to water-efficient landscapes, body of water, water conservation efforts, smart irrigation techniques, and creative art shots of water.


If you’re not one of the first five, we still encourage you to post your comments and/or photos. It’s helpful to show others in the San Diego region why water is an important part of everyday life and what steps you are taking to conserve water. San Diego Botanic Garden


In case you don’t know, the Botanic Garden is a great place to take  kids, take a walk, take a class – or just take in the sights and smells of an extraordinary array of plants from around the world. And, it practices conservation!


We plan to roll out a few other prizes this fall, so encourage your friends and family to like us, and share our information with your friends on your Facebook page.


Read campaign details here.

Rebates Offered for Rain Barrels
Rain BarrelCooler weather is upon us which means we could get more rain. So why not capture that rain, be WaterSmart, and get a rebate? 

San Diego County homeowners can now get rebates of up to $75 on each residential rain barrel (up to 4 per home).


A rain barrel collects water from gutters and downspouts for use on your water-efficient landscape while reducing the amount of water flowing into storm drains.


To be eligible for a rebate, the rain barrels must be a minimum of 50 gallons and be designed for the intended purpose of rain capture.


For details on how to get rain barrel rebates, click here.

Water: That’s Real Value
Water: That's Real Value
Water: That’s Real Value

A quick turn of the spigot and there it is — safe, clean, reliable water! It seems so simple, but much of our water is imported from hundreds of miles away.

Providing water to the San Diego region is a major endeavor — yet it only costs about a penny a gallon. Check out this 90-second video for more on the value of water.

A Decade of Dependability: Colorado River Transfers
QSA 10th Anniversary
Quantification Settlement Agreement signing ceremony, October 16, 2003

This week marks the 10th anniversary of the Quantification Settlement Agreement, a landmark accord that is improving the San Diego region’s water supply reliability while providing a framework for California to conserve and transfer Colorado River water within the state.

For San Diego County, two long-term water transfers at the heart the QSA are especially important – a 45- to 75-year agreement between the Water Authority and the Imperial Irrigation District that will provide 200,000 acre-feet annually, and two canal-lining projects that are providingSan Diego County with approximately 80,000 acre-feet ofconserved water annually for 110 years.
Coachella Canal
Coachella Canal
These supplies are a cornerstone of the region’s long-term strategy to diversify its water supplies and are providing increased protection from supply shortage from other sources.

Find out more about these historic water conservation and transfer agreements here.

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