(Photo Above: Solar asphalt – courtesy  Ace Parking)

Ace Parking is a provider of parking services that also prides themselves on being environmentally conscious. The company believes that it is important to set a good corporate example for environmental responsibility.

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — A provider of a full range of parking services, Ace Parking is quickly becoming known for its support of green technologies and initiatives. The company has done a great deal to cultivate a culture of support and education regarding the environment and its preservation. Ace has quickly endeared itself to a great deal of individuals who hope to see more corporations support these technologies and initiatives as well.

Ace Parking has been at the forefront of the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, including 72 such facilities inCalifornia alone, along with other stations in Maryland, Texas, Arizona and the District of Columbia. The company has implied that it was dissatisfied with the infrastructure for electric vehicles, this being part of the motivation behind their installation. At Ace Parking, Keith Jones explained, saying, “It was not just about the lack of infrastructure, though that did indeed play a role. It was also about supplying a need to our customers. We are in business to ensure that our customers are getting everything they desire out of our parking services.”

Solar Trees - Courtesy Ace Parkling
Envision Solar’s patented Solar Tree® array

In addition to the charging stations, Ace Parking is also involved in a number of other programs that support green technologies and initiatives. They supply their tenants with energy awareness programs, advise and implement the use of solar trees and utilize green asphalt for parking surfaces.

Reached at the headquarters of Ace Parking, Scott Jones added his take on the company’s initiatives, saying, “We are very proud that this is included and focused upon by our company. It is important to us to be a responsible corporation in all aspects of our business, and that certainly includes the environment.”

On the company website, one of the stated goals reads: “While we’re not quite ready to ride bikes to work every day, we’re serious about operating in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. If you’re as committed as we are, we can help you to reduce waste and redundancy, lessen your carbon footprint, and save money in the process.”

SOURCE Ace Parking

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