Envision Solar continues to have a good time in the San Francisco Bay area.

Their most recent press release says, “We are so excited to share the first official images of the EV ARC™ with a Chevy Volt plugging in at the Charge Across Town event in the Bay Area. Drive on sunshine! The event has been a huge success, with both national attention and online support from the EV community. The EV ARC™ is quickly gaining an enthusiastic following, including San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee and HybridCars.com.”

Phillippe Croew of Hybrid Cars has written up a couple of stories about them: Solar-Powered EV Charger and EV ARC Featured at EV Week Charge Across Town Event


1380220788Envision’s press release continues, “We’re looking forward to bringing the EV ARC™ to San Jose, Cupertino, and San Diego in the next few days!

“The EV ARC™ is already in San Jose where the great technology-companies of the area have enthusiastically received it. Having traveled from Detroit, San Francisco, Palo Alto, to San Jose and then on to Cupertino and San Diego, this nation wide tour demonstrates the EV ARC™s transportability and unique and groundbreaking characteristics.

“Stay up-to-date with Envision Solar on our Facebook page and Twitter account (@EnvisionSolar).”

“EV Week 2013: San Francisco to Silicon Valley” is a three-city, five-day electric vehicle exposition designed to engage, educate and excite Bay Area drivers about the benefits, ease and accessibility of EV ownership.

“Driving towards California Governor Jerry Brown’s goal of getting 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on California’s roadways by 2025, EV Week 2013 is inviting Bay Area drivers from San Francisco to San Jose – from commuters to car sharers – to get behind the wheel of an EV and become part of the solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by driving greener vehicles.”

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